Leadership Development

Leadership Toolbox

Intentional processes designed to empower leaders who reproduce disciples and churches.

Leaders Connection

Leaders Connection

Where leaders come together to connect and learn. You will hear from leading churches on what they do best. These monthly meetings include a free catered lunch and time for Q&A.


Upcoming Events:

November 17, 2022  – Restoring Leaders
Speaker: Dr. Eric Herrstrom
Where: Lake Church, 2912 Little Rd, Arlington, TX 76016
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Spiritual Leadership

Hearing God Retreats

Find yourself running on fumes?

Perhaps your energy is gone and God seems silent. Come away and unplug from all the demands and expectations to reconnect with God and gain new perspective through intentional learning experiences. You will position yourself to hear from God. You will enjoy extended blocks of time to rest and reflect on God and His Word.


Find yourself going through the motions of ministry and feeling isolated?

Perhaps things that used to work no longer bring results or fulfillment. Consider refocusing your ministry. This is an intensive and intentional two-year journey involving four retreats and monthly peer group meetings.

Personal Leadership

Find yourself questioning your life? Perhaps it isn't what you always dreamed.

Instead, you find yourself going in all directions. LifePlan, a Paterson Center tool, is a strategic operating plan for individuals. It is God’s plan for a life. It is discovered through a series of guided constructs and conversations that take place over two days.

How can you revolutionize your church's discipleship ministry in six months?

How can you maximize your divine design for a life of significance? Created by Will Mancini and Dave Rhodes, Life Younique is a creative, reflective and action-oriented discipleship experience designed to help you live your life with the stunning clarity that comes from knowing who you are and what God designed you to do.

Discovering that ministry is good so long as you don't have to work with people?

Why don’t people do what they say? Trying to grow people and your church just isn’t working? Coaching equips pastors and leaders with the knowledge and expertise to be an effective leader who helps people discover their path forward and compensate for the missing skills they were unaware they would need in today’s world.

Staff & Team Leadership

Find your staff not communicating and siloing themselves? Seems people are rubbing each other a little raw?
Perhaps they just don’t understand each other. Through leveraging your individual DiSC behaviors, Spiritual Gifts and strengths, your team will come to value each person’s contribution and understand how to bring out the best from everyone.

Church & Organizational Leadership

God Dreams

Do you struggle to gain traction for growth?

A two-day God Dreams retreat is a simple and powerful time of visionary planning that will re-energize and refocus your church. The Horizon Storyline tool empowers leaders to connect short-term action steps with long-range dreams, while leveraging the power of storytelling to make the plan stick. Schedule your retreat today.  Call Becky @ 817.927.1911 x 222 becky@tarrantbaptist.org

Church Unique

Feel like your church has no clear focus?

Still looking for that new program to help your church grow? Church Unique shows church leaders how to identify and unlock their congregation’s individual identity as a tool for unleashing their one-of-a-kind potential for the Kingdom. You will learn what gives you energy and keeps you focused on what you must do day by day, and what preferred future that leads to. Church Unique is an Auxano product written by Will Mancini.

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