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"re:Align your Vision; re:Vitalize your Mission"

Why the name re:FOCUS? This name was chosen to communicate the two-year journey each participant will be undertaking. This will be a time to re:FOCUS on themselves and their relationship with Christ. Are they totally dependent, or doing ministry in their own strength? We also want participants to re:FOCUS on their church. How does Scripture describe a disciple? Do they have disciples in their church? Are they currently making disciples? If not, what do they change? We want them to re:FOCUS on God's vision. Do they know how to listen to Him? What is He saying? How do they lead their church to align with God's vision? We also want participants to re:FOCUS on their mission. Are they stuck maintaining the church? Are most of their efforts spent keeping people happy inside the church? How are they leading their church to re:CONNECT with and transform their community? We want them to be so re:FOCUSed that they see with a new perspective.
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Tarrant Baptist Association | 4520 James Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76115 (MAP) | 817-927-1911