Tarrant Baptist Association seeks to provide churches with useful resources to help further their ministry and reach more people for Christ.
  • Demographics: Link2Lead and Ministry Area Profiles provide information to churches about the surrounding community
  • Counseling: Opportunity for our church members within the association to find counseling help within our TBA network
  • ACP Form: Where you to go to complete the ACP for 2015
  • Employment: Pastor Search Committees, Pastorless Churches, TBA Job Board
  • VBS Link Up: The opportunity for churches to connect with other area churches who have already done their VBS and might be willing to offer their supplies
  • Spanish VBS Curriculum: Curriculum is written in Spanish to specifically pair with the Submerged materials 
  • Legal: Tax Exemption, Church Bylaws, Etc.
  • Prayer Calling: Learn how technology can aid in praying for others
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