History of the re:FOCUS Journey
In 2002 Tarrant Baptist Association began studying our churches and communities. What we noticed was that we had many congregations who were not making a significant impact in their communities. The Association wanted to find a way to help pastors and church staff to make a Kingdom difference in their communities.
TBA leaders started studying other areas of the country to see who might be making a positive difference. We found that Union Baptist Association in Houston had a leadership journey for pastors originally called Young Leaders but later changed to LeadersEdge.
Tarrant took several peer groups of pastors through Union's LeadersEdge at the Trinity Pines Encampment and then started our own version called LeadersEdgeNT (North Texas) at Riverbend Retreat Center in 2005.
In 2007 Tarrant changed the name to ServantsEdge to reflect servant leadership and the journey upon which pastors and leaders would be embarking. Now, to better reflect the journey, we are redefining the journey as re:Focus. The goal is to help pastors to refocus their congregations on making disciples and impacting their communities.
To date, 129 pastors and leaders have participated in the journey. Our leaders have started a partnership with Venezuela and have twenty-nine pastors who have begun their journey with fifteen more joining in February 2012.
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