Employment Resources
TBA Job Board: Post your resume information and look at available positions within our association churches (TBA Job Board Instructions). This website is free to use; however, if you no longer need it, please delete your information, as TBA cannot access your account. After a period of inactivity, your account will be automatically deleted.
BGCT Minister Connection: The BGCT Minister Connection resume matching service provides a place for churches to post positions and candidates to post resumes.
SBTC Next Step Resume Service: The Next Step Resume Service website will allow you to post your position on the SBTC website and in the TEXAN publication. It also provides SBTC resources for the search committee process in areas such as training, pulpit supply, and transitional pastors.

Resources for Pastor Search Committees

BGCT Minister Search Committee Reference Guide: This website provides links to documents in both English and Spanish for planning what you will need to get started. It can help during the process through resources such as evaluations and questions to ask applicants and answer and sample documents for communicating with applicants during the process.
pdfPastor Search Committee booklet by Paul Powell: This book provides an in-depth look at the process, examining what you expect out of your pastor and the process of the search committee.
Sample Job DescriptionsWhether you are preparing for new staff or giving organization to your current leadership, having a job description goes a long way to helping your leaders be on the same page.
Background Check Release FormYou are welcome to utilize this the form to perform background checks on potential new pastors.
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