Tarrant Baptist Association Counseling Network 

In order to minister to both churches and individuals, we have created this program as a networking ministry to anyone looking to obtain or provide Christian counseling services in the DFW area. Through the Counseling Scholarship program, those seeking counsel can have financial assistance in getting the help they desire. In this program, each scholarship provides for 8 sessions of counseling, paid on a rotation basis by the client, the church, the counselor, and TBA—in that order. There is a maximum payment of $75 per session.
Potential Counseling Client
If you are seeking counsel, please contact your church to be sure that it is eligible and if so, have a staff member send in a referral to the Tarrant Baptist Association. If you would like to see a list of counselors available, please click here.
Church Staff—to Make Referrals
If there is someone at your church who is interested in counseling, a staff member needs to complete this referral form. On the referral form, you will need to indicate which counselor you are requesting. 
Click here for a list of counselors who are participating in the scholarship program. Also, for your church to qualify for these services, your church has to be an active member of the Tarrant Baptist Association.
We invite you to be a part of this great program. It gives you more exposure to new clients, as well as referral sources on a free referral network. It also gives you the chance to impact the kingdom by helping people get the counseling they need but cannot afford. If you are a counselor who is not on this list and you would like to be please Email TBA or call 817-927-1911 ext. 201. If you are on the list and any information is incorrect, please Email TBA or call 817-927-1911, ext. 201.
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